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Online Chat Group

Every Wednesday, we hold a one-hour online English chat group for English learners around the world.  Led by qualified native teachers, this event is a celebration of the global community coming together.  We share one common goal – to learn to communicate with an international language.

Date    Every Wednesday
Time    10am (NYC, Toronto)
Click here for your local time

Some major time zones:

11am (Rio, Buenos Aires) 3pm (Algiers, Casablanca)
4pm (Barcelona, Johannesburg) 5pm (Istanbul, Qatar)
7:30pm (New Delhi) 8pm (Dakar)
9pm (Ho Chi Minh city) 10pm (Beijing, Hong Kong, Taipei)

How to join
Fill out the following form. We will include you in our emailing list. We will send you the zoom link for each meeting:

Cost – Pay what you can!

As the goal of this event is to gather learners from different parts of the world and from different background, we do not want anyone to be excluded because of financial barrier.  So, you can pay whatever amount you can afford.  It’s not the money that matters.  It’s the heart that matters.

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